Worst Passwords Ever – Never Use Them Again

Heres a list of popular passwords of 2015 or you can say worst passwords ever.

Password Management Company Splasdata (Splash Data) last year released a list of the most popular password . The top most used password was 123456.  They are – 123456, password, welcome, dragon, login, 12345678

1 . 123456

Worst Passwords Ever

2 . Password


3 . WelcomeWorst Passwords Ever

4 . DragonWorst Passwords Ever

5. Login Worst Passwords Ever


The company also said if you want to keep secure password then do not use any of the above passwords. Use upto 8 digits also use different charaters in the passwords, such as letters, numbers, symbols. Also use different password for different sites.


Click next to view the list of more popular passwords. 

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