Now schedule future whatsapp message for free

In today’s world, people are becoming increasingly busy, and stress levels are going through the roof. Every person has so many worries on their mind, each occupy large portions of their respective minds, which invariably leads them to forget the comparatively smaller in magnitude but equally important events, such as wishing your best friend a happy birthday before anyone else does, wishing your wife a happy birthday or anniversary if you’re not in town, or you want to wish your parents a safe journey, or any other event. But as good as your intentions might be, there is a very real chance that you could simply forget about it due to any number of reasons. But there is also a very real chance that they simply won’t listen. So what to do to save yourself from getting into that situation? Messaging has done the job many a time. Whatsapp is a particularly widely used app, but what to do when you can’t remember to send a message?

The answer lies in the app “Scheduler for Whatsapp“

whatsapp( ). This app is an extremely useful app, that gives the solutions to all of the aforementioned problems. It is available on Google’s Play Store, absolutely free of cost!


This app gives you the ability to schedule your whatsapp messages so that they get sent automatically at a time you choose. So you can just schedule your message to be sent at that time and stop worrying about it! (“Awesome, right?”) Some main features are: * Recipients can be selected by typing the number or choosing from contact list. * Sent WhatsApp messages are added to the proper conversation threads of WhatsApp * A full history of sent and delivered messages is available for you to look at.

All in all, an extremely useful app, definitely worth downloading!!