15 Free and Cool things to do on the Internet

What you intend to do when you get a free Wi-Fi, or unlimited data, or when you have simply nothing to do on the internet?? Well, precisely enough, you log in to your social networking sites and boringly watch out what people are doing in their life.Sometimes you do play those online boring games. But, internet holds more to serve. Here is a list of 15 things and mentioned sites where you can gain knowledge and unlimited fun. And basically if you are new to internet and wondering what to do rather than just updating statuses, have a look!

While some sites are pretty useful, some are basically fun based. Regardless, all stuffs that you can do for free, free, free!!

1.Send files as large as 1GB for free from Pando.

It is an application that is mainly aimed at sending files which would normally be too large to send via more “conventional” means.Don’t worry about data or time or any hassle. Pando is there to help you out with sharing anything and everything large.

2.Explore and learn any course you can imagine at Coursera.

It is an educational platform that partners with 120+ top Universities and offers 1000+ courses online. You can opt for any kind of courses online with hassle free learning and knowledge from well known Universities world wide. Lots of them came for free. Get a course and qualify yourself more.

3.Crazy for beats? Or want to make your own sick beats? Here Patatap gives you an option to do so.

Patatap is a portable animation and sound kit. It can create melodies with just the touch if your fingers charged with moving shapes. Jam up with your friends for a guaranteed good time.