Beware of these 11 online scams

Today internet is the basic need for everyone of us, it is the best place to gain knowledge and information on any topic. Science and technology have made so much progress that we can carry internet in our hands. But despite of having many advantages and benfits and it is still considered as unsafe zone because of cyber crime, online scam, misuse of user data, piracy etc.

The usage of internet is inscreasing day by day. With the increase of users of internet the number of such crime are also increasing.

So today we will be talking about some of those online scams which we are still falling for : –

1 . Foreign Lottery Scam – The email will look somewhat like this


With the help of these emails they try to collect your personal details like Name, Address, Phone number etc.

Later when they get your phone number, you will get a call regarding the prize money and they will ask you transfer some amount to their bank account and they claim then only you will get the prize. They may even ask your debit / credit card details. So guys never reply to such emails.


2 . Survey Scam


Common email scam looks innocent enough.
3 . Free talktime scam


You ain’t getting any talktime dude. So stop forwarding such messages. This is just another way of website promotion !

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