9 Most Expensive Homes Of Famous Football Players Worth Millions!

Football is one of he most beloved sport all over the world. As its famous the footballers are also quite famous for their magnificent performances, and hence they also earn in millions. So to show the kind of life they live, we bring here 9 most luxurious and expensive homes of our famous football players.

1. Didier Drogba ($21 million)


According to Wealth-X, Didier Drogba’s net worth is around $90 million . His beautiful mansion has eight bathrooms, seven bedrooms and a trophy room worth around £14.5 million. It is around 8,600 sq ft.


2. David Beckham ($20 million)



The retired footballer David Beckham, even after his retirement he’s still a powerful celebrity. His home is called Beckingham Palace, he took possession in 1999. It has a in-house football pitch, chapel and a recording studio.