Famous basket ball star Kobe Bryant has become the most wanted person in USA…



Famous basket ball star Kobe Bryant has become the most wanted person in USA.  This release came after Kobe Bryant clinched the records making him the most wanted player in NBA. He is not wanted for crime but his contributions have made an impact so strong in basket ball that every club wants to get a hold of him. Kobe Bryant is a professional American player currently playing for Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association. He was born in August 23, 1978. Since high school Kobe has played for Lakers for his entire career. The mighty shooting guard has led the team to five NBA championships. Kobe is a 17 time all star and 15 time member of the NBA. He is the third top scorer in the NBA league and is the son of a former basket ball player, Joe Bryant. In 2003, Kobe Bryant faced sexual assault charges claiming that he had non- consensual sex with a hotel employee in Colorado. The case was however settled out of court. Bryant and O’Neal made a formidable offensive pair from 2000- 2007. Kobe Bryant was the first young person to clinch up to 30,000 points hitting a mark in the history of basket ball with only 34 years. Bryant is an all time shooting guard and has always been on the first line up of every match for LakersScreenshot_6

In 2014, Lakers gave Bryant $48.5 million for a two year extension in the club so we are still going to have him around. He has been the face of many commercials like Panini Collectibles. Having grown up in Italy the Lakers star admitted that Ac Milan was his favorite team. The millionaire has been on and off due to injuries in the shoulder. Technical assistant Kupchak termed Kobe as the most hard working and determined player he ever met.

Kobe Bryant has left a legacy in the courts and it is possible that his legendary talent might be halting in the last 20th season. This is highly attributed to his persistent injury that might make him step back a little. However it seems so unlikely that the amazing basketball giant will close the curtains in one final season. Kobe added that in the event of his full recovery, he would play yet another season as long as he remains healthy and strong. Lakers head coach Byron Scott has considered putting Kobe Bryant on the power forward in the 2015/2016 season. This is because the all time star has been Lakers’ dominating shooting guard for the longest period of his career. Even if Kobe has not been a full time power forward, Byron Scott believes that Kobe’s tenacious character cannot let anything defeat his clean sheet of excellence. The head coach believes that placing Bryant at the pinch and mid posts would make him more effective. Fans have thought this to be odd given his fatal rampage as a shooting guard, but some agree that the strategy could prove to be effective. With the season at its core, Bryant might still feature in the 2015/2016 rounds. This will be a Battle of Legends!


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