10 Unintentionally Sexy Things That Men Do

It is supposedly said, money and good looks attract a woman. But you guys might come across a couple and think how did that girl fall for a guy like him? He is not even rich and handsome. Well, the secret is out now. Girls don’t go over money always. Sometimes little things can do wonders. There are some things men do unintentionally that women find extremely sexy and the guys don’t even know about it.

Wanna know these things, check out the points below:

1) Roll up their sleeves.

Yes, it looks cool as well as manly. Sight of strong hands are enough to ring the bells in a girl’s heart. Rolled up sleeves gives out an image of a man on a mission. Make sure you roll up your sleeves at your workplace or  in college or while simply playing football.

2) Play with a baby.

Generally, men are anti kids but women having soft heart love kids. Playing with a baby or cuddling one shows a sensitive image of a tough guy. This is how a women judge about a man’s loving avatar.

3) Lean over a counter or a table.Screenshot_2

Most women fall for this attitude. When men lean over a table probably listening carefully they don’t intend to look $exy but they do. Leaning over seems sexy cause, it reflects aggression and  passion. Moreover, it makes them look approaching.

4) Adjust their tie.Screenshot_3

Even girls don’t know the reason of this,but it sends a very strong wave of attraction. Loosening up or tightening up , doesn’t matter but it looks mesmerizing when guys adjust their tie.

5) Teary-eyed.Screenshot_4

Guys are excellent at a controlling their emotions. But you know what , sometimes just let go of this shield. It’s not like you’ll not look manly. But it makes you look damn cute and hot. Women know a guy will never cry on petty issues. But some girls love to see their guy red eyed and teary. Not like they don’t feel sad for him but deep down it attracts them.

6) Laugh their heart out.

It looks so cute, when you laugh uncontrollably. It makes guys look so open hearted. Sometimes the joke isn’t that much funnier but the laugh of that guy is. They always keep their emotions at check, maybe because of that they look sexy when they laugh unstoppably.

7) Sit on the table instead.Screenshot_6

Sitting in a chair is common, everybody does it, but sitting instead on a table looks so hot. It’s a sign of being a sport, full of unpredictability and naughtiness. As well as it makes a friendly and sociable environment.

8) Talk in a low tone with lots of respect.

It’s a thing of class. Boys go over showing swag but a real man has a class. And it’s classy when man talk in a low, soft and respectful manner. Gentlemen has this understanding of class and girls find it extremely $exy.

9) Hands in pockets.

It looks so hot when a guy stands near a door with hands in his pocket just smiling thinking something himself. God knows why these little things matter. But women can’t ignore this. Unintentional, therefore sexy!!

10) Wearing a watch.

Men doesn’t have much of a Choice of jewelry they can wear but a watch can do the thing a pearl necklace do for a woman.
Not necessarily a gold watch but a simple watch can do. It’s reflects style which girls generally find sexy.

By – Palak Bhalla