10 Things Men Want Women To Know But They Won’t Tell

Relationship won’t work unless two people are wholly involved in it. Women are really complicated than men, but they say it when they feel like expressing but men don’t. Unlike women, men are not wired, so it really become tough to know what he thinks. For the communication to get going you will have to get inside his head and know what is he thinking, what does he want, how do he like you. So here are some untold things that a men want you to know but he won’t tell. Check them out!

1) We get sad too.


We all get sad and sometimes need a shoulder. It’s quite impossible to hide your sad feelings all the time. Men gets emotional too and at that moment they don’t want your advise they just want you to listen and be supportive it maybe a hug two or three times. They hide their feelings behind the happiest smile, they have a very strong controlling power ,they think it makes them less manly, but when at times emotions come over then keep your expert advice in your pocket and just listen.

2) Don’t dress skimpy in public places. Go easy with your clothes.Screenshot_10

They don’t generally complaint about your clothes but when they do it will be better to avoid that clothing. Dressing sexy is different it clearly does not mean to dress less. Men don’t express their thoughts clearly but if they are with you, talking to you, going out with you then there is definitely something they like about you, you don’t have to always dress sexy and wear a lot of makeup. Remember beauty lies in simplicity.