10 Weird Things Couples Do In A Relationship

Being in a relationship is super adorable. From going on a romantic date to late night calls relationships make you wonder if you are dreaming. More the time you spent with each other, more comfortable you get. Every couple has its own inside jokes. There comes a point in every relationship when the Things Couples gets totally weird.


While it is absolutely normal for the two of you but for others, it might be unacceptable. Here are 10 weird things couples do while being in a relationship.

Your bathroom is no more a place of solitude



Before coming into the relationship, there was a point when your bathroom was your sacred domain. But now entering the bathroom when your partner is in there is totally acceptable.

You both laugh when one of you falls

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There was a time when one falls, the other one rush to their help. But now if one is knocked down then the other one will die out of laughter. You both laugh at each other tripping or slipping.