What do you think, what is the right age to get married?

You often get the question that I am 25 years of girl residing in this so and so city in India, I am really sick of hearing the same question as to when I should get married and so, are you getting any marriage proposal, you are old enough to get settled down and so on. Frankly, one has to find out what the heck in your life you want to do in life this should in the mind of people getting these questions. Then you need to find out a person of your choice to settle down with their life. Also, you can find people saying that I do not need to go for arranged marriage, while he or she is incapable of finding the right person to settle down and so on. However, one may try to explain their point of view but not all would be able to do yet you may find people hearing the same what they really want to hear. At such junctures, you end up getting to the question as to what is the right age to get married?

Well you have two scenarios

1). Getting married while you are still young


This could get you when you have just completed your graduation usually when you are 22 or 24 or in the late twenties like 27 to 29. With this age you end up getting to enjoy the bliss of married life for a long run along with growing like a person in this new relationship. You may not be confident about yourself about the marriage and could feel that you have not achieved a lot in your life in order to lead a happy or stable married life; however, you may find anyone around you in the form of friends and family to guide and help you at such conditions.