7 Signs To Determine You Are Dating A Girl Not A Woman

Signs that show whether you’re dating a girl or a woman. Check them out as under :

1. A girl wants attention a woman wants respect


A girl will ask you whether she looks good look or not. She will  want to tell the world that she is looking pretty and her dress is fabulous. But a woman is confident in whatever outfit she is in.

2. Independent


A girl will depend on you whether its her weekly shopping or getting anything. . But a woman do all by herself.

3. Limits


A women knows her limits. You’ll never she a women having lot of drinks and puking at the club’s pavement.

4. Social Media


A girl is a social media addict. But a women just don’t care about all these stuffs.

5. Secrets


A girl is scared to tell you her deepest secrets. But a women will share anything an everything.

6. Time spending ways.


A girl would be busy taking tons of selfies, a woman you are dating would be creating memories with you by your side.7. Entertainment


A girl you are with has to be entertained. Bu the women you date is someone you can have fun with, relax, do stuffs, or do nothing together and you will still enjoy each others company.