10 Adorable Things That People Do In A Relationship

Whether its a long distance relationship or a close one, we people work so hard to keep that spark alive. We make love more sweeter than it already is. Love has no age, no boundaries. Love above all human barriers, neither religion nor countries matters. Sometimes we know that this love string isn’t gonna last long but still we love right and do allĀ  the funniest, stupidest, and creepiest things in love. Well, love ain’t a game of mind. When heart takes over the mind, there’s only love left not strategies. Check out these adorable things that people do in love, we all do it and we are not shy to admit it.

1) Imagining them and hugging a pillow

Well, its not a surprise entry. When we are in love we shower all the virtual hugs and kisses and tears onto the pillow. We so cringe, thinking about our companion who is sitting far far away. Time between 12 AM to 4 AM these love emotions get stronger and that’s exactly the time when we tend to trigger our partner’s love emotions.

2) Leave texts or voice messages

This especially happens in a long distance relationships we leave sweet messages for the other person. That when that person wakes up he or she smiles reading it. The whole world wishes good morning straight way but we make morning good, that’s our style. Doesn’t matter if it’s a long text or just a “good morning sweetheart!” we feel blessed that we were the first thought that came across their mind when they woke up.