6 Comics Perfectly Portrays Your Painful Sleeping Stages With Your Partner

Being with anyone is really tough, especially when it seems to boil down over sharing a bed with someone. It can be called as the best of the difficulty for few like a bed is what a people can be seen very much protective of. And when it comes to the sleeping thing, which can be called as the best time when you have your hands and body stretched but wait when you have a partner in your bed you are seen with the difference. Well, how about discussing some of the stages of sharing over the bed with your partner. The fact is there are several comics that depict the best of your sleeping conditions with your partner.

1). You enjoy the best time in your life with no competition, whatsoever.

Stage 1 – The Golden Stage – You have just been made comfortable with your partner and you do not feel as comfortable as before. However, what happens when this goes on for the ten minutes and the next, you can guess the best.

2). Well, it is not a good feeling to have

Stage 2 – Everything that comes is so sweat

Suddenly when you find yourself to be amidst the unbearable temperatures, your exposed skin somehow touches making a big mess to come out of it. Once you are covered with the sweat and the rest of time, you can understand what really goes thereafter.

3). Nothing really seems to work out in your favor.

Stage 3 – You are either too close or too far from each other

The perfect body distance is simply incredible to maintain and even when you are in your complete sleep there are some other forms of weirdness waiting to happen.

4). Nothing really seems to be working with either of us

Stage 4 – You sleep in a different but weird angle

5). When things really happen when you are least expecting them.

Stage 5 – The unexpected and weird sleeping habits

6). Lastly when you reckon for a longer time duration and tend to find the best

Stage 6 – It is applauding when it comes to sleep alone

In small doses, it keeps you awake to make you feel lonely