11 Most Common Lies All Girls Tell Their Boyfriends

In life we face some situations where telling the truth seems a very bad idea. Pretty white lies, we all tell them for the betterment of situation or with some societal pressure. We hear a lot about the lies boyfriends tell their girlfriends. From the lies that hurt, to the little white lies every man seems to tell his significant other to ensure he has an easy life. But what about the common lies girlfriends tell their boyfriends? As you might suspect, these lies are a bit different and typically have very different motives. Sometimes telling a lie can fuck up any situation or sometimes it just relieve a misery to live with. Check out some lies that girls speak to their guys. We are very sorry for disclosure of it.

1. “I don’t mind you looking at other girls,” Lies

Yeah right! Who girl likes his boy looking at other girls. Don’t think of it as a permission¬† unless you want adventures in your life. What she really doing is testing you ,never say how much other girls are hot or have high intelligence. She will get pretty mad.