10 Secrets of Men That Women Should Know

Men and women are very different from each other. Women have more emotional approach to everything while men can be a hard nut to crack. You work in an office with men of your age or even older. How do you know what exactly they think about different things and how they react in different situations? You may have someone in your life who you want to know better. Well, you can understand them better now. If you are searching for answers of what men think and how do they approach to certain things around them so pay close attention to the following points, they can be very useful if you wish to woo your guy.


1) Looks Are Not All That Matter


Most women think that looks are the only thing that matters to a man. They do have an importance but it only works until a man get attracted to you,  later your heart, your nature, your politeness and your attitude matters. You can dress up Like the most beautiful girl on earth but at last your nature is what will hold him to you.

2) Men Cannot Resist the Temptation of Cleavages


It’s not a big surprise, but guys can’t resist themselves in peeking at other girl’s clevages . It’s kind of their nature, that’s how male species has evolved. So, if you find your man looking at other girl’s cleavages then better not be so harsh on him. Also, not to forget they also fancy p0rn a lot.

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