Triumph For Jio! TRAI Blocks Airtel’s Misleading 4G Data Due To Jio’s Complaint!

Ever since Jio was launched in the market, the carrier has been making news for all wrong reasons, but this time, things have changed. Last month, we heard Jio filing a complaint with TRAI and had asked the group to look into the matter of Airtel and several other telecom companies for the violation on the tariff rules. As per the Jio, the telecom company called Airtel had offered some misleading and discriminatory offers to the customers under the very same plan. The tug of war found in between both the telecom giants is certainly becoming big and intense with the every passing day and now it has entered into loggerheads.Jio

Once the body started reviewing the complaint which was filed by the Jio, the government body TRAI was seen asking a number of telecom operators to launch tariff plans without actually registering with the same. Even the group called TRAI had agreed, which many companies are seen doing this discrimination. Now we see a number of operators especially the group Airtel in order to cease these discriminating that offers just at the moment. Now, we see the TRAI has simply registered within seven days of the launch. Jio was seen lodging complaint about 449 4G data plans for announcing for293INR.