RODIES X4 TEAM MET WITH AN ACCIDENT ! Click to know all names who are injured :O

Around 10 am,6th of February 2016, Saturday ,this incident took place.

They were travelling in a bus which lost control and overturned to Peshok view point.


11 members were badly injured and have been admitted to hospitals in Siliguri and Kalimpong.

Fortunately, there were no deaths! Doctors who are treating them at the hospital say that they are completely out of danger.


List of injured members:
1. Ashis Ansari (24) 
2. Magen Basu Matary (36) 
3. Surendra Pradhan (35) 
4. Sandeep Bamkar (29) 
5. Bijoy Kumar Panday (32)
6. Gawrab Pazoz (32)
7. John Britto (33) 
8. Sidarth Soni (24) 
9. Rabi Rajan Kumar (24)
10. Santosh Jaiswal (35) 
11. Akash Patel (25) 

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