Rakhi Slams & Abuses Bigg Boss Contestant Om Swami Calls Him Gobar Baba!

Om Swami

Om Swami

Om Swami has been the most controversial character on Bigg Boss 10 and everyone just Hates him. His unreasonable as well as nonsence remarks and his unwanted drama had been a tortures to death to other contestants. aswell as outside world

Everyone was relieved when Om Swami was thrown out of the show due to his intolerable behavior. After his ouster from the show, Om Swami started making loads of allegations against Salman Khan as well as the contestants of the show.

Talking about contestants, Om Swami  had claimed that they all have physical relation with each other and there’s a sex room inside the house. This was not it; time and again, he had created hassles for them. Remember, how he threw his pee on Bani?

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Summing up all this, Rakhi Sawant’s video has gone viral. In this, she slams him and says that he should be termed as “GOBAR BABA”. She abuses him like crazy and says that he is not worth being an Indian.