“What Made Burhan Wani Start Crying In Front Of Indian Army”

“What Made Burhan Wani Start Crying In Front Of Indian Army” – Some Shocking Details About The Encounter

This July 8th Burhan Wani who was one of the posters of boy of the terrorist group called Hizbul Mujahideen was gunned down by the Indian Army in an ambush between the two. Since then the situation in the valley has been tensed. The terrorist was called as Burhan who has the complete name as Burhan Muzaffar Wani who was brought down by the Indian Army hailed from the area of J & K along with other two terrorists.

Amidst the entire encounter, there were certain shocking and surprising details that were dawned before the media, which many would never knew. As per reports from the Defence News, when Burhan realized that he is going to lose his life, he started crying. The sources from the Indian Army has simply confirmed about the news, the location of this man called Burhan and other terrorists was provided by the intelligence and it just took four minutes for the Indian Army to gun down these three militants.  

Burhan was the man who was seen playing a key role in recruiting people and young men in the Kashmir using the platform of social media networks and then seen coaxing them under the tag of Jihad. He also posted a number of videos on different sites including the two of them over YouTube for calling the youth towards terrorism and threatening the people as well.