Freedom 251 Owners Demand Rs. 50,000 Cr. From Modi

Ever since the smartphone worth 251 INR was announced, many doubted about the intention of the said devices called Freedom 251. The company called Ringing Bells is finding difficulty in delivering the phones at such a dirt cheap price even if falls under the campaigns of PM Modi – Digital India or Make In India category. In order to secure a good football in this cut throat market, the company adopted this idea of giving dirt cheap offers in India.

What Happens the first? False Commitment Given

The CEO of the company Ringing Bells called Mohit Goel was simply overwhelmed the masses with great confidence in terms of giving the smartphone at such dirt cheap cost. Even the company called Datawind too was impressed with such an offer and felt surprised for offering the money with such a low cost. Well, the company Datawind was seen offering Aakash at same dirt cheap cost. The tab was offered at a cost of 35 dollars; hence the amount of Rs 251 phone didn’t go on credible. Suneet Singh Tuli the CEO of Datawind called all this to be a free publicity thing.

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