Safety Tips for Social Media

Today, social media has become a revolutionary part of the internet. Specially youngsters have taken it to another level. People love interacting with new people on social media from different geographical locations. People share their identities, pictures and many such things on social media. But they forget that sharing such things can be harmful, because this updates are equal to lending your identity to the hackers over the internet to conduct criminal activities. So here are few things to be remembered while using social media.

1. Sharing:

The first and foremost thing that should be taken care of is the content you share. No! I’m not talking about the status updates but your personal info. You never know who and how will misuse your data. Information like identity, phone number, private pictures should be totally avoided from sharing.

2. Privacy:


The privacy option is not given just to showcase on the website. You should definitely customize your privacy options and keep the details like your birth date, location and your number in privacy. Getting this details can ease hackers to make your fake digital identity and conduct theft on your name.

3. Verify user profile:

You meet many people online, make friends and trust them. Do not trust anyone, just verify the profile and check it properly. Its not difficult to find out fake accounts on any social media.

Now the question is how can you verify the profile of the user. You can start by finding the unusual things, things that don’t look ordinary in nature. Things like work place, school and other personal details can be helpful in knowing the reality. If nothing works just ask questions, if they hesitate, its there! Fake account spotted.