Check Out The Monster Zodiac Signs !!

There are somethings  that can change the reality of life. It can change how we look at the world. Certainly we all know about Zodiac signs. And now this artist has changed with his pictures how we look at the 12 Zodiac signs. Just because a character has been around forever doesn’t mean there aren’t new ways to reimagine it. It’s not really necessary that we look at those pictures with hatred and demonic identity but we can look at them as fantasies.  Damon Hellandbrand, a talented artist based in the U.S., has created a series of images that portray the symbols of the zodiac as twisted, surreal creatures straight out of a nightmarish realm. Check out these images that will send a chill down your spine.

1) Aries – Monster Zodiac Signs

Aries are independent. These generous, optimistic, enthusiastic and courageous creatures bring excitement into other’s lives. But as soon as we look at this image their- short tempered, self-involved, impulsive and impatient behavior gets highlighted.

2) Taurus

Taurus is dependable, persistent, loyal, patient and generous. This image does not portray any of these qualities, instead it shows possessive, materialistic, self-indulging attitude.