Why the US Army Is Ditching Android for iPhone 6s ?

The recent buzz in the US Army’s Special Operations Command suggests that the people in this square are now switching from the popular Android based smartphone to the Apple’s iPhone 6s. This is the recent reports of their official website www.Military.com. Earlier, the squad of the US Army was given with the Android Tactical Assault Kit, which was considered as the variant of Samsung Galaxy Note. However, as per the recent buzz, these kits were replaced with the new iPhone Tactical Assault Kit by Apple that will feature the infamous iPhone 6s.

Though the army is yet to give any official reason for this switch decision, however, if you believe the sources speaking to DodBuzz of Military.com, the Android based devices were witnessing issues like getting freeze too often and witnessing frequent restarts. On the contrary, iPhone was discovered to be much smoother and faster as compared to the Android based devices.  The sources also claimed that the graphic capabilities of the Apple’s device were called by them to be clear and incredible. On the other side, Android based kits were seen struggling a lot despite getting custom split screen military software.

The source claims that while trying to run this split screen software for showcasing the path and UAS feed, these kits with Android OS used to freeze up too soon and even failed to refresh properly and had to restarted too often, which killed the valuable time of the army squad members, whereas the iPhone devices simply worked seamless along with giving crystal clear graphics.

This is not the first time when the US Army has given the Apple devices to their soldiers. In the year 2010, the Army has started handing over iPod touches to their soldiers who were seen deployed at areas like Afghanistan and Iraq armed with different language modules like Arabic, Iraqi, Pashto, Dari and Kurdish. They had also used iPad earlier for different defense reasons in the US Army.

It is interesting to know which Android device has compelled the US Army to switch over to the Apple iPhone 6s based kits. Well, if it is the Galaxy Note, which was released in the year 2010 then it really deserved such treatment from the Army. Comparing it with the iPhone 6s, the speed of the device is simply lightening than Galaxy Note, but if we talk about the recent additions made by Android then one needs to wait for the specific reason from the US Army. Well, we will soon update about it once hear the official statement from the US Army. Till then you check on checking with us for the regular updates.

Photo Source :  Google