7 Haunted Places in India To Avoid If You’re a ‘Fattu’ :D

Here is the list of Most Haunted Places in India.

1 . Mumbai Mahim Area

The centre of these chawls is a well. It is said that a woman died by falling. Many people living here claims to have seen the dead women and no one dares to take water from the well at night.

2 . Grand Paradi Towers, Malabar Hills, Mumbai


From these 28 storey building so far more than 20 people have committed suicide. However, many people have died mysteriously.

3 . Agrasen ki Baoli


Agrasen the Baoli is famous throughout the country for ghosts. The building was built in the 14th century by Mahraja Agrasen. Earlier it was beleived that the dried up well was filled with black water which incites people to commit suicide.

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