This statement by Railway Official will make you think twice before using blankets :O

What the Railway Official told are really shocking & will make you think twice before using their items.While traveling by train has anyone ever noticed how stinky those blankets are? Well, let us tell you that on Friday, Manoj Sinha from MoS railways has confirmed in Rajya Sabha that the blankets are washed every 2 months.

Pillow covers or bed sheets fortunately they are washed every day. This reply of the minister was in reply to the question raised on the hygiene and quality of linen that railways supplied. Hamid Ansari, the House chairman stated that people must carry their own bedding.

Well, Sinha also added that in 2 years from now, 85 percent of passengers would enjoy cleaner linen since 25 more mechanized laundries are being set up by Railways.
Defending the statement of Sinha, the Railways said that it isn’t possible to get the blankets washed every day and due to this very reason, an extra bed sheet is provided to passengers for covering it. Another official stated that they sanitize the blankets every 2 weeks for killing odor and germs.

A bedroll takeaway scheme has also been started by the Indian Railways under which the kit can be booked online by passengers. This includes Rs.140 for 2 bed sheets and a pillow and Rs.110 for a blanket and. This can be taken home after their journey.