6 Things to tackle heat in summer vacations!

1. First and very basic, Drink Water!

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You need to drink lot of water! Yes, lot means a lot. Water keeps you hydrated in summer, intake of minimum 7 to 8 glass of water will keep your body cool. Moreover we all know that our body comprises 70% of water, so it also helps us in maintaining good health. Water keeps you safe from the number of diseases caused by bacteria. It is a key to the smooth digestion process. Most importantly water is known for maintaining healthy brain, it liquefies the blood cells and boosts your power to create and be productive, so lets have a sip for a healthy mind!

2. Eat Smart and suitable:

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Your eating habits can also land you up in trouble in summers. So what you should eat? You should try eating cold and light food. You can eat corn, its good for your eyes when you face bright sunny days. You can eat tomatoes, they help you in avoiding sunburns. Water-melon keeps your body cool and mind sharp. Vegetables like onions, cucumber, bottle gourd (Lauki) and most of the leafy vegetables should be eaten. Additionally you can always go for Curd and yummy ice-creams.