Tattoo Design! 10 weird places that can be tattooed!

Getting inked is now a new age style statement among youngsters. Moreover tattoo can make a statement defining your personality.  We see almost all the footballers and other sportsmen having tattoos. In spite of the fact that it is a permanent mark, many people still do it to convey that they are unique in some way. Apart from the most common places like arms, there are also many places that can be inked. So check out the 10 craziest places that can be tattooed.

Tongue Tattoos

Tasty isn’t it? Few people do cross the limits of being unique. So tongue tattoos aren’t just art on your tongue but they also come in different flavors including chocolate, vanilla, strawberry etc. If anyone wanna try I can get garlic flavor arranged.


Hair Tattoo

Bald problems solved in such a creative and artistic form. You can get hair tattooed onto your head to make it look like you just have a shaved head. A UK based firm is coming up with this type of tattooing.


Accessory Tattoos

Sparkling accessories can also be tattooed in the most natural way. You can actually get glasses tattooed around your eyes and even a necklace tattooed around your neck. Interesting??