11 Spine Chilling Real Life Man-Eating Stories. Horrible!

These people not only killed people but also enjoyed feast of those pieces of human flesh. A sharp chill must have ran down your spine by hearing this. But, it happened, not only once but many times. Today, we present you with some of the most spine chilling and terrible cannibals. It’s no story from book of Dr. Lecter, but real life incidents.

Let’s land on their world 11 spine chilling real life man-eating stories!

1. Issei SagawaSpine

After killing his girl classmate in 1981, he ate her remains for two days. Unfortunately, due to paperwork error, he was freed even after getting convicted and sent to a mental institution.

2. Jeffrey Dahmerimage004

His style of killing and cannibalism involved luring young men to his apartment and sedating them with drugs. After killing, he savored the remaining human flesh or involved in horrific experiments.

3. Omaima Nelsonimage006

She cooked her husband in barbeque style and tasted a sample. His body parts were deep fried and stored in the freezer for future.