12 Couples Sleeping Positions: What Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Relationship

In the relationship, cuddles are important as it gives you the feeling of safety and security. Like that, a bedtime cuddle is also important. Physical contact of any kind makes people relax and also reduces the tensions of their daily life. If you and your partner cuddle up while sleeping, then it helps in maintaining the intimacy and also makes you relax. It makes your bond strong as we like physical closeness and contact. Feeling of safety is must for one to have a good sleep. The way you and your partner Sleeping Positions can tell all about your relationship.

1. The Honeymoon Hug

 Sleeping Positions

The honeymoon hug indicates an intense need to stay physically connected to each other. Mostly newly married couple sleeps in this pose to feel deep love, and emotional and physical dependence on each other.

2. The Spoon


Most common positions of couples. Couples who are married in back 3-4 years sleep in this position. This position means the woman is the more giving partner and her partner needs special nurturing. This position ensures the more physical closeness. It gives you the feeling of being close and secure. It is also said as the king of the all cuddles.

3. The Sweetheart’s Cradle


The Sweetheart’s Cradle is the more intimate cuddle where girl’s head is simply anchored on her partner’s shoulder. It gives you the sense of safeness and protection. This position shows caring, nurturing, intimate position. Couples in early stages sleep in this position.