Samsung Offered A whopping 5.7 Cr to this worker To Stay Silent

Once you hear about the company -Samsung it is inevitable to consider it to be a big brand company that employs loads of workers I it. Yes, there is no doubt about the fact the company has 10,000 workers in the same but you would be shocked to hear some strange facts about the same.

Well as per reports a worker safety group claimed that in company’s display and PC chip factories, the workers are seen getting exposed a number of toxic chemicals that lead to occupational diseases that poses danger over their lives. But with this company, it has kept the secret behind. It treats that if these shells come out with a massive amount of company is seen shutting down over the mouths of workers.


In reality, there are more than 200 cases about serious sickness including multiple sclerosis, lupus, lymphoma, leukemia and a number of other workers that are seen working over the LCD units. More than 76 workers that fall in the age group of 20 to 30 years passed away owing to that.

Also, South Korean Government doesn’t really offer compensation to the workers for occupational ailments if they do not render them good amount of proofs or reveal the information regarding the exposure over the chemicals. But the company Samsung pays a good amount to a number of workers that keep mute regarding this serious ailment. Time to check what the worker has to say:


Then there was a worker called Hwang Yu Mi who passed away due to Leukemia. Her father called Hwang Sang GI then embarked inspections found in the factories.Screenshot_1

He then said: A person called Park Won-Here (formercompany worker) was engaged in the chip factor that was seen quitting over the job as she was seen hampered by the ailment called Lupus. Also, she happens to be a single mother and was seen getting the onus over the teenage daughter.


She was seen working in a chip factory from Samsung who was seen getting survived due to breast cancer called Park Min Shook. She said that the worker called Kim Mi Seon (36) who happened to be the worker from Samsung was seen getting diagnosed a number of ailment including multiple sclerosis and due to the eyesight loss issue. She then claims that the company had never informed them regarding the chemicals.

So, guys what you really have to stay regarding this serious condition, make sure you share your views on the same on comment sections: