All About the Road Markings

It goes without saying that roadways are among the most used transport means all over the world. India boasts itself at the second position in the world to have the largest network of roads tolling to 4.6 million KMs. For maintaining this huge amount of road networks effectively, the use of markings and signs has come to place over the roads. These markings also cater as a preventive measurement tool for people using the roads. So, if you wonder as to what these yellow and white line markings are, you have landed at a right place. Many of us have thought about the same but fail to know the answer about these road markings.

Here you get to know all about these road markings, which are explained as under:

Road Markings

White Broken Lines: These lines markings simply imply that you can change the lane on one-way road provided if you find things safe while changing the lane.

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