Before you make another nasty mistake, there might be something amazing that has not crossed your mind yet. Someone once contemplated jumping into a crocodile lake in a museum only to find they had just been fed. He decided to throw himself at a train only to find another person sitting on the railway waiting to be run over. He ended up saving the other person and asking him, “what were you thinking?” Life might not have hands but it could have slapped you countless times, but do not be the cloud that people wait to go away for the day to be brighter.

Taking your life because Arsenal got beaten by Manchester is meaningful to your beneficiaries but totally meaningless to you. If you want victory that bad, why don’t you join Manchester? Sports have grown roots deep into our beings that it has become mentally unhealthy. Do not worry if you feel like dying or causing chaos since your favorite team did not win, you do not need to die, you only need a doctor to treat a small psychological condition you have got.

It defies logic why an athlete would commit suicide for going fourth place; he should have let the last runner have that feel. We tend to magnify our problems and always seek to obliterate ourselves, but the real question is, who is left paying those huge amounts of debts you had borrowed plus the burial expenses. Instead of leaving a burden, here are better ways of living;

Instead of slashing your wrists, try slashing the untidy lawn outside. You want to buy a gun to shoot yourself, but forget that your little eight year old son says he wants to be like his father. Buy him a toy gun and tell him to shoot you countless times with water jets. Love is self fulfilling yet still the source of many critical cases of suicide. If she cheated on you with her best friend, why not try it with her boss. It is still shocking why you would hang yourself, knowing the kind of laundry pile up you left. It is much healthier to hang those clothes right there, you are not lifeless but the clothes are. Imagine a situation where someone takes his life causing three others to die like the Brazilian tragedy in the 1950 world cup at the Maracana stadium. We always have something or someone to live for.

Celebrities have also fallen bait to this ordeal. The important thing we forget when making this decision is, ‘what next?’ It is not necessary that you give up when plan A does not work, the alphabet has twenty five more letters and even when all others are gossiping behind your back, you should be glad that you are one that is in front of them. Every life is precious, whether you are the president or a charcoal burner. Always remember these words when you think of jumping off that building, I might not be there to catch you!


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