Omg! She Is Not Allowed To Go Outside. Why?

She have got all the girly features. She have got her own identity and she beautiful. The word “beautiful” will be less. To be precise, she is Perfect. Yeah, from childhood we all have heard and seen Barbie dolls. They were meant to have the perfect girly features. However, this girl named “Angelica Kenova”is naturally and uniquely beautiful and her external appearance cannot be ignored. Moreover, she grabs most of the attention for her uniqueness.

Anyway, who don’t want to look pretty and perfect and grab attention and compliments? No one would mind to look beautiful and astonishing. But, the beauty of this girl became huge trouble for her and so she is never allowed to be outside in between the real world. Here, she gave statements about her personal life. She is beautiful yet she has to face many problems. Let’s check what are they:


This is Angelica Kenova, 26 year old girl from Russia.

She looks more like a doll isn’t she?