Numerology! Check what your birth date number speaks about you!

Find out what your fortune speaks according to your lucky number.

To calculate your luck number all you have to do is add both the units of your number to each other and the answer is lucky number.

For E.g. I was born on 26th so…


Lucky number is 8

In case you are born on 29 then,


Further 1+1=2

Lucky number is 2



Number one is known as a beginner, you stand on the first place in the line. Number 1 is also the symbol of accomplishments. Number 1 is said to take a power from sun which fills with good health, money and protection from evil. Number 1 are known for their focus to achieve things in their lives.

Your personality is filled with Creative, Enthusiastic, ambitious and self-centered behavior.

The only thing should be taken care of is when things fall apart, you easily change your way and the one who always shine like an independent bird easily falls into the trap of dependency on others and this circumstances are disappointing for you.

Your love life will be most compatible with the number 8 person. You will be lucky to be with number 8 person, only number 8 can give you true love as per numerology.