Now Check Your Sperm Count Using Your Smartphone

The end of your constant curiosity is here. A new smartphone technology introduce you to a level where you can check your sperm count using your phone’s camera. From now onward you don’t have to feel embarrassed while going to a doctor and asking him to check it for you. Even you don’t have to give yourself a hand job and collecting the little swimmers in a bottle and hand overing it to the physician. It’s simply not appealing. But technology brings you a device, which would help you to check the health of your sperms using your smartphone, in the comfort of your bedroom.



The device includes only a camera which can be attached to your smartphone. All you have to do is recording a short video of your sperms. That short video is enough for a specialist to count to let you know your sperm counts. The device make a quick and easy diagnostic aid about your sperm’s health and save your trip to the clinic with embarrassment. The small camera lens is designed by researchers at University of Illinois, Chicago (UIC). The lens is less than a millimeter thick and can be attached to most smartphone and can magnify image to 555 times, which is enough to spot sperms and movements.