No one is perfect in this world

kris-everson-quote-nobody-is-perfect-in-this-world-everybody-has-theirToday I saw a wonderful quote about life that I am going to discuss with you.

The quote i saw is : “No one is perfect in this world that’s why pencils have erasers.” Sorry I don’t know who wrote this.

But this quote is a universal truth, think guys if we all are perfect so why we need a delete button in everything. So, never think you are perfect. No one in this world is perfect, so simply think you can do anything.

Confidence makes the game food but over-confidence spoil the whole game so always do everything with confidence but not with over-confidence.

Do whatever you love to do, so you will get success surely.

If you want to know that you have confidence or over-confidence so, ask from yourself if your mind say you will 100% surely do that, so you are at right track and if your mind says 105% so, you have over-confidence. So, try it works.

And remember no one in this world is perfect, and no one is dull everyone has a special talent, so never take yourself in under confidence.

-Deepam Kapur

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