Know the reason of seeing moon during the daytime

The Moon is seen producing hardly any light on its own unlike we find the sun doing. Rather we find the m00n visible just for the reason of the Sun’s light, which the m00n is seen reflecting back to our eyes. As you find the m00n reflecting very much using the light of the sun, which is the reason why it becomes the second brightest object found in the sky after the star – sun. Though it is not even seen close to the bright unlike the sun, the Moon still can be seen 100,000 times brighter than the next plausible brightest nighttime star.


In reality both the sides of the moon is seen receiving the same amount of sunlight but the only face of the m00n can be seen visible from the Earth. This is only due to the fact that moon is seen rotating around its own axis in the very same way the earth is seen doing. This simply means that the same side is seen often faces the earth. The side that is seen facing from the Earth and has only been seen over the human eye provided you are seen travelling via a spacecraft.

After many observations and research studies claim that the m00n is often seen moving approximately 3.8 cm from the Earth every passing year. It is estimated that this will continue to pass for the next 50 billion years or so and by the time it is seen happening, the M00n would be taking around 47 days for rotating round the earth rather the current 27.3 days.

Image Source : Google