Know the reason of seeing moon during the daytime

Have you ever wondered as to why you can sight a moon during the day time sometimes in the first half of the day despite you keep on searching during the night.

Well, this can really ask you to say Good Morning Moon! Many would call this scene to be very much usual but may have failed as to how it is possible. Well, let’s check how a m00n go extra mile to shine during the day time as well.


It is a common kind of misconception among many that the location of moon is directly opposite to the sun in this space. However, in actuality you can find the moon remaining in this position for one instant in the entire lunar month and can be seen during the full moon, when it happens to be exactly at the 180 degrees away from the sun. During the rest of the month, you can find the moon ranging from 0 to 180 degrees away.

Now the very first possibility for the moon for remaining visible during the daytime is that the light coming outof the moon happens to be very much strong or bright enough, which is seen penetrating via the scattered over the sky with blue light. If you use any telescope to find out the location of the m00n, you can very easily find the Venus, Mercury and Jupiter even during the daylight along with giving the visibility of the brightest stars.

Now the very second possibility one can find for the m00n is to remain visible over the sky is that it simply requiresover the horizon. On an average, you can find the m00n just above the horizon for around 12 hours during the day time. At times you can find those 12 hours are bound to coincide with the sun hence making the m00n visible during the daytime.

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