Throughout the years the animal fighting have been one of the things that bothers the civilized member of the society. Once started as security of homes and properties and later taken an embarrassing turn to blood sport Animal duels. People arranged scenes on animal fighting for cash and excitement. But respite came the way of the poor animals when animal fighting became censured when the level of civilization increased. The condemnations were based on the fact that Ethics, Morality and Animal Well-being have to be considered. Still there are a modest bunch of Animal Fights which are official in some specific region of the world.

These are some the merciless Animal Fighting/Baiting contests that people always do: Bullfighting, Cockfighting, Hare coursing, Hog-Baiting, Octopus Fighting, Dog Fighting and others. The cruelty of man will not allow them to exclude little animals like crickets in this type of match and that is why it is labeled blood game.

On account of continuous agitation from animal rights organizations a portion of the Animal Fights have been remodeled. For instance Bullfighting has been subjected to change and considered as a session of workmanship. Formally they are tormented to fight with one another and then butchered. Today, this has brought a radical change and in nations like Spain it uses to be a customary game.

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