20 Stupid Laws that need to be changed in India!

Laws are basically made to keep barbarian citizens under control. Laws in India fall under IPC (Indian Panel Code), and are filled with multiple parts and segments to address all the civil issues in India. Large number of laws addressing small small issues make it complicated and sometime even contradictory to other laws. So, the web of these laws was weaved long back. And then there is the sloppy judiciary process which is known for extending cases as far as 30-40 years. In addition to that some laws are quite absurd and still have no amendments for over a century. We don’t need them now and should be removed.

So here we bring you the list of 20 absurd Indian laws that need to be changed.


1. Indian Motor Vehicles Act, 1914

Indian Motor Vehicles Act, 1914


Here we have an absurd statement of Indian Motor Vehicles Act, 1914 which applies to the state of Andhra Pradesh. You should have a shining teeth, to become a motor vehicle inspector in Andhra Pradesh. Its in the criteria that a motor vehicle inspector should have “well brushed teeth”.

May be they thought shiny teeth might act as a torch while inspecting the vehicle from inside!


2. Indian Telegraph Act, 1885


Indian Telegraph Act, 1885 is another law which does not makes sense as per current development in the country . As per this law government has all the right to tap the telegraphs across the country and beyond for the safety from the rebellions. This law was brought by British government and still exists. So they still expect terrorists to plan attacks using telegram?

And by the way Telegram Department was officially shut down in India since 2013 and last telegram was send to Rahul Gandhi.

3. Internet Censorship

Internet Censorship


Internet coming into India has given rise to the different era in the country, but the laws are still not clear. Internet filtration law, filters anything and gives any reason. Previously in 2013 they shut-down 39 websites for sharing offensive and obscene, even pornographic images, and 857 were again blocked in 2015. Also quite recently more than 250 escorting websites were blocked. All these measures did not stop the pornographic content to spread, so how will it stop rapes?


4. Adultery Law

Adultery Law

In many cultures adultery has been a punishable offence and is also charged with the death penalty. In India, a married man can be sent to a prison for adultery with the married woman if reported, and women on the other hand can have as many affairs they want because there is no law governing this issue. A married man cannot be prosecuted if he has an affair with an unmarried woman. Moreover adultery has always been a major reason for the divorce from both sexes. So we have such wonderful law having absolutely no equality in our country where feminism is hyped so much.


5. Indian Post Office Act, 1898

Indian Post Office Act, 1898

According to this crazy law letters can only be delivered by the post office of India and rest other services will be considered illegal. So stop taking deliveries from Flipkart, Snapdeal, its illegal!

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