Incredible India : 8 Interesting Indian Facts

India, known for its vast diversity and culture, developing country, researches, technology and what not. Its growing big day by day. But little you know about India.

Here we bring you some amazing facts Indian Facts I bet you don’t know. You will be surprised to discover man starving from 70 years, moustache pay, man wedding a dog!

Here are some of the most random, unknown and insane facts about India .Go through some of my picks to let the truth set you free!

1. It’s ILLEGAL to take Rupee, the Indian currency out of India.

I know, right?  Foreign nationals and Non-residential Indians aren’t allowed to carry the Indian Rupee abroad! The rule’s been here for long now, but the RBI has tightened enforcement only lately. These individuals travelling abroad are to dispose off all their currencies or convert them to other currencies at prevailing rates before departure.

In airports, NRI’s and Foreign Nationals are allowed to carry a maximum of Rs. 10,000 for miscellaneous expenses. However, when they board the aircraft, they are to remain rupee-free.

2. Inhaling in Mumbai = Smoking 100 cigarettes!

Read further and you may possibly never wish that you were in Mumbai! Pollution caused by cigarettes is measured in terms of the presence of Suspended Particulate Matter or SPM. SPM is classified according to its size with the smallest known as Respirable Particulate Matter or RSPM. RSPM is extremely dangerous because it is small enough to enter your respiratory system and cause all the breathing problems that smoking is known for. Accordingly, the acceptable amount RSPM in mumbai should be 100 units, that is, 50 cigarettes a day. However, on an average day, it is 200 units, thus making breathing there equivalent to smoking 100 cigarettes a day.

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