Income Of Kapil Sharma And His Team

When it comes to Indian television, Kapil Sharma undoubtedly rules the arena as far as comedy is concerned. Currently he’s the only comic star on the Indian TV who is massively popular and is loved by the audience. Which of course means that Kapil and the rest of his team from The Kapil Sharma Show would be earning loads of money from the show. But wait till you get to know their daily income (yes, on per episode basis), and we bet your eyes will pop out!


According to a latest report on DNA, Kapil Sharma earns Rs 60-80 lakhs per episode. Yes! Suddenly it feels like you should have been a comedian, right? And that adds up to almost 5 crores per month! It’s definitely more than what some Bollywood actors make per movie!

1.Kapil Sharma Earnings Per Show:  50 lacks /episode (approx.)


2. Sunil Grover Earnings: 10-12 lacks /episode (approx.)