9 Most haunted places in India!

Here is the list of 9 most haunted places in India!

1. GP block – Meerut

GP Block in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh  is marked as a haunted place. Stories narrated by the local people say that they have often seen four boys sitting inside a house with a single candle lighted and drinking beer. It is said to be the most common sight. Some of them also said that they have even seen girls in red dress coming out of the house. Its doubled stored house and boys are spotted on the roof top. Be careful if you stay nearby, something might fall up on you if you pass by!

2. Delhi – Delhi Cantt

Capital of India delhi is also said to haunted. Delhi Cantt area is haunted in most weird manner. This area is full of greenery. Its weird because the story most of the passerby narrated is about a lady clad in white sari asking for lift. If you don’t stop your vehicle, she will start running swiftly with the same speed and believe it or not, people have reported her reaching ahead of them. She mostly asks for the lift by a lone traveler. So if you go there, be ready for the race!


Shaniwarwada Fort, Pune

Shaniwarwada fort which was burnt down with an accidentally occurred fire is said to be the most haunted place during full moon nights. This fort is haunted by the ghost of a prince who was brutally assassinated when he was 13 year old by his relative. Screams can be easily heard from the area during midnight.