12 Haunted and Scary Train Stations To Avoid If You’re a ‘Fattu’ :D

Well if you still think that train stations are boring with thousands passengers daily travelling and countless number of trains coming, boarding and moving, think again! Here we bring you a list of 12 train stations which are beyond just being a boring place to board a train, they are scary and haunted as well.

1. DwarkaSector 9 Metro Station, Delhi

Haunted and Scary Train Stations

There are people who believe that a angry lady run towards car at night and even sometimes knock at their car windows! The rumors says that the womanly ghosts even killed a school going kid. The running woman is often seen by late night travellers.


2. Bishan MRT station, Singaporeimage003

Located near a centenary, coffin bearers, headless figures, phantom figures, all have been witnessed in or around the station by passengers or station people. The Railways station have witnessed infamously several accidents. Perhaps, most shivering and heart pounding of all, people have heard footstepson the roof of moving train