12 Undeniable Evidence That Prove Ghost Really Exist

Ghost existence has been the most questionable topic that has yet not proved but is present in all mythological facts and stories. Some people claim that ghosts exist and they have encountered one too.Though the first thing that comes to mind is fear and panic, there are those who take comfort knowing that a beloved deceased family member is looking out for them. Yet some people consider ghost stories as mere hoax. Science has not proved anything yet but some theories are beyond explanation. It has been said that people still remain with us on earth even after their death in form of spirits or energies. Take a look at these pictures and decide yourself, do ghosts exist or not?

1)Demon ghost

This picture shows a black demon like entity crouching on a dying patient. The patient was pronounced dead a few hours later. This picture was taken of a nurse’s monitor at a hospital.

2) Faces in the window

This picture comes from Chicago, Illinois. The picture was taken by this lady’s husband who is posing for the camera with her child on a sunny afternoon. Behind them there is a ghostly figure of an older woman with her bull dog visible in the window to the left. It was reported that nobody was present in the house when the picture was clicked.