First night of bride and groom. What they do? The Quora answers are not what you are expecting

“What do the newly wed couples do on their wedding night?

Everyone one of us prior to marriage or youngster must have one in a lifetime imagined about our wedding, the dress, the foods, the peoples, the songs and mostly about the wedding night. How it will be. How will be our spouse, what we will do. Even we expect that it must be a cozy and erotic night. Isn’t it?

Undoubtedly, the first night is filled with excitement, curiosity, nervousness and awkwardness. Though for some of them it is best to talk and know each other, for others it is super sexy.

Let’s have a look to find out from people’s experience about their first wedding night which they replied In quora!


  1. “We both had our inhibitions. Even though before marriage we had spoken to each other and exchanged messages, but still there was inhibition. We started talking about random things and then slowly my husband hold my hand and expressed his desire to kiss me.”
    • Anonymous, Quora user

 First night of bride and groom

  1. After the rituals I was so damn tired, that night I just said “hello” to my in-laws and straight went to my bed and woke up next afternoon.
    • Anonymous, Quora user.