Scary Facts About Earth And Space Will Give You Goosebump

Space is one of the most terrifying places in this world. There are many scary facts about space that keep this point true, such as stars that suck the life from their neighbors to black holes that consume everything.We spend a lot of time worrying about the unknown aspects of our universe, like the existence of aliens. Meanwhile, things that we should worry about are literally everywhere and go virtually undetected. Indeed, the truth is out there, and it will most likely corpse you.Most science fiction writers throw in a planet with two stars that looks vaguely like Southern California.H.ere are some Scary Facts About Earth And Space You Will Be Shock To Know.

 Facts About Earth And Space

1.Star Patterns ►

I present a short time-lapse video montage showing the motion of the southern hemisphere sky.

2. HD Earth Spinning ►

Animation of a spinning earth. This is not meant to be super photorealistic nor physically correct.