Red Dots, Have You Ever Thought What Does The Red Dot On Your Skin Mean?

Have you ever wondered that the red dots that appears in our skin, do you know what these actually appear or what does these mean?

1. Red Dots harmless spot.

Red Dots

There are some very small dots just like a dot and some are not even visible with eyes. They may not be circular or red and may be of any shape and color like pink.
These spots are called “cherry angiomas”. They can appear flat or bumpy on the skin. According to popular health website, they don’t need to be worried about. They are simply caused by blood vessels on the skin due to ageing.

2.  Benign skin diseases


Another cause of these spots can be “leukocytoclastic vasculitis”. It may sound like a dangerous ¬†disease but it is nothing but a bland inflammation of the capillaries. According to health website, this inflammation is caused by either infections or because of taking some wrong medicines. You can simply use over-the-counter anti-inflamatory medicines to treat them.