Do you make her laugh or love?


You might be using all the wrong ways to put a smile on her face. Trying to use pick up lines will never work for most ladies. Try something different this time, the moment you lay your eyes on that beautiful angel, you are always tempted to tell her how beautiful she is, someone has already told her that before, instead try the unexpected, honesty is a key to a woman’s heart, the better you fake it, the deeper you enter. It would be more satisfying if you told her how cute she looks when she looks annoyed. That could probably be the last thing you get to tell her, but at least it might be the first thing she has heard from someone before.

Some of the words we use do not really make sense at all. If you think love is the only answer please remember to ask her a question. Do you ever fear marriage? The best interpretation is mutual life imprisonment with fifty years of mandatory conjugal obligations. If that is the real definition of marriage, then she is not your wife, she is your burden! The only thing that differentiates a married man to a bachelor is that the more the bachelor tries to talk of women the more the married guy avoids the topic as he remembers tomorrow the laundry and babysitting shifts are all his! Real love exists in our wildest imaginations while in reality, what exists is a healthy pocket. We all get sad when we see the people we loved with other people but we fail to remember what our moms always taught us about giving out our used toys to those who are less fortunate.Screenshot_2

Our hearts often betray our character. Do you know the more you let your heart decide, the more your brain sleeps off? A fancy college student who was heels over head in love with a girl agreed to spend his tuition fees for a ride with her on the beach, the poor guy ended up a janitor in a law firm, and his ‘girlfriend’, who was married by the firm’s owner only managed to tell him, “this is the best job in town, oh and please remember to wash my toilet.”. You can only know you love someone after at least two years. If we all believe in love at first sight, most men would surely be the father of many nations.



This tip might work for all of us who could be held up in the wrong relationship. You can never teach old dog new tricks, so the sooner you leave the better. The only way you can be honest about how you feel about a particular relationship, is by avoiding eye contact and using honest lies. You might think you are not very attractive but always remember that there is always someone for you somewhere. Do not quit searching, just settle down a little, relax and cool down the pace, the only person that can love you truly is yourself, so why the hurry? Remember every action comes before a reaction. How good you want your love life to be depends on who you choose to be your partner.

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