Chichen Itza City in Mexico An amazing world wonder


Chichen Itza is a spectacular, famous and most visited of all Mexico’s tourist centers. It was the major ceremonial centre for the Yucatan’s. Chichen Itza is an exemplary monument located on the plains of Yucatan Peninsula which is among the most breathtaking touring sites in all of Mexico.  The word Itza is derived from its cultural dialect to signify enchanted waters. The exceptional pyramids have been restructured in an amazing way. The view of the sunrise and sunset is somewhat spectacular. The human artifacts and the valuable jewelry shows the mystery within the well, the battle of the two captains Kakupakal and Kukulcan and the resemblance with the Mexican government notwithstanding the spiritual tales as well as the cultural background. These features have made it one of the most designated tourist sites across the continent. (Cookson, 2010)

If you want to go visit chichen Itza, one of the seven modern day world wonders read along to learn more about various place of interest you should see in the yucatan peninsula

El Castillo


At the heart of the city lies the stride pyramid known as El Castillo. It was also referred to as Sanctuary of K’uk’ulcan, the name of the fabulous leader of the city and also an old snake god.  On each of the pyramid’s four sides are 91 steps, making 364 altogether. When you include the stride taken to enter the sanctuary the aggregate number of steps comes to 365, the number of the days in a year.

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